IELTS Listening Section 1 – Practice Test 1



A: Good morn ing – Dave Smith speaking.

B: Hi – could I speak to the organiser of the Preston Park Run?

A : Yes tha t’s me.

B: G rea t – u m – I was talking to some friends of mine a bout the run and they suggested I contact you to get some more details.

A: Su re – what would you like to know?

B:  Well – they said it takes place every Saturday, is that right?

A:  Yes it does.

B: OK – great!

A:  Do you  know where the park is?

B:  Oh yes – I’ve been there before. But it ‘s quite big and I’m not sure where to go.

A: Well there’s a circular track that goes right a round the park. The run starts at the cafe, goes past the tennis courts then twice around the lake and finishes back where it started.

B:  OK and what time is the run?

A:  Well the actua l  run begins at 9 am but the runners start arriving at about 8.45.

B: OK – so I need to get up early Saturday morning then . And how long is the run?

A:  Well it used to be three kilometres but most people wanted to do a bit more than that so we lengthened it to five  kilometres – we now go round  the lake twice and that adds an extra two kilometres.

B:  Right – not sure I’ve ever run that far so I’d better start doing a bit of training .

A:  That’s a good  idea . But it’s not a race,  it’s really just for fun and  the best thing would be to take it easy the first  few times you  do it and  then  see if you  can gradually improve your time.

B: Is the run timed then? How do I know how well I’ve done?

A : When you cross the finish line you’ll be given  a bar code and you rake this to one of the run  volunteers, who will scan it . Then  you can get your time on  line when you go home.

B: Oh – I see. You collect all the results .

A: Exactly.

B:  I see – that ‘s great. So how do I register ?

A:  Well  there are  several ways.  I could  rake your details over the phone  but 

it ‘s much  easier if  you  do it using the website.

B:  OK – good. Um, I think that’s probably all I need to know for now. Oh yes – does it cost anything to register or do you  collect money  each  week?

A : Well it doesn’t cost anything to register but we do charge for the run . In fact we have just  increased  the charge to £1.50. It used  to be a pound  but  because we  were  making a bit of a loss we have  had to increase it by  50p.

B:  OK  thanks. I think I have enough  information  on  taking part in the run.


B:  Um – you mentioned volunteers . I  have a friend who is interested  in  helping out. Can  you  give me some details so I can  pass them  on to her?

A : Sure – well you need to ask your friend to contact Pete Maughan. He manages all the volunteers.

B:  OK – I didn’t quite catch his surname – was it Morn – M-0-R-N?

A:  No – just a bit more complicated – it’s M-A-U-G-H-A-N.

B:  Right – thanks. And could you give me his phone number?

A: Yes – just a moment. It’s here somewhere – let me just find  it. Ah  I’ve two numbers for him. I think  the one that begins 0-1-2-7-3 is an  old one so use this one: it’s 0-1-4 double  4-7-3-2-9 double  zero.

B:  OK – got that. Can you  tell me anything about the volunteering? Like what kind of activities it involves?

A: Sure – well we need volunteers for basic stuff  like setting up the course. We have to do that before all the runners arrive.

B: OK – so that’s a really early start!

A:  Yes that’s right. But if your friend  would prefer to arrive a bit later she can  also help with  guiding the runners so they don’t  go  the  wrong  way.

B: I see. I believe you do a report on some of the races.

A:  Yes that’s right. In fact we do a weekly report  on each race and  we always try to illustrate it.

B: OK – well my friend really likes taking photographs . She’s just bought a new camera.

A:  Actually that would be great. I don’t know whether Pete has anyone to take photographs  this week.

B:  Oh , I’ll let her know.

A:  OK good. Could you ask your friend to phone Pete and let him  know?

B: Yes 1 will.

A:  OK thanks. Goodbye.

B:  Good bye.

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